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N Series Concrete Systems

The NC-Series concrete includes 500NC, 500NCS, 600NC, and 750NC. Your certified local installer will advise you as to what is the best substrate for the soil composition and local regulations where the installation will take place.

NC-Series Concrete

Treatment Capacity 500 to 750 G.P.D.

BOD Loading 1.25 to 1.85 lbs.

Aerator 2.8 to 3.6 scfm

Control Panel Raintight

Electrical 115V/60Hz

State regulations vary. Please check with your sanitation architect or local installer to confirm which system is right for your area.

To find out more, visit State Regulations page.

NC-Series Systems Concrete

500NCConcrete500 GPD1.25 lbs.2.4 scfmRaintight
600NCConcrete600 GPD1.5 lbs.2.4 scfmRaintight
750NCConcrete750 GPD1.85 lbs.3.6 scfmRaintight
800NCConcrete800 GPD1.96 lbs.3.6 scfmRaintight
1000NCConcrete1000 GPD2.5 lbs.4.8 scfmRaintight
1500NCConcrete1500 GPC3.75 lbs.7.2 scfm
500NCSConcrete500 GPD1.25 lbs.2.4 scfmRaintight

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